Poison Nostalgia + Panos Cosmatos

A few years back I wrote this about a weird film I’d seen by chance in Qatar via a friend with fingers in all the festival pies. Beyond the Black Rainbow blew my tiny mind. Still does.  The director, Panos Cosmatos had wanted the essay to be included with the DVD on release but alas, a pamphlet … Continue reading


Between Distant Bodies No. 1 + No. 2

This post is about Between Distant Bodies. The beginning of an infinite video that showed at Frieze in London a few weeks back. The idea for the piece began to coagulesce (not a word but should be) sometime in the last year around ideas of time travel in the Gulf and how  transience, transition, transgression and a … Continue reading

Transformers @ FORMAT 3: REALITY

The following is a version of a talk, a sort of refutation of the dominant understanding of the phrase Gulf Futurism I gave at FORMAT 3: ‘the live magazine’ at the Architectural Association last week. Our topic: REALITY (allcaps!) The series is ongoing throughout the month. If you are in London. GO! It was born … Continue reading

girl who fell earth

Ghostblog + Candid Cameras

Dear erstwhile readers, I’d all but abandoned this blog after the publication of my first and possibly only book The Girl Who Fell To Earth came out last November. The publication of a version of my own personal history had an implosive effect on me – a sort of retrograde desire to unspeak, unblog and unbiographize myself. … Continue reading

Screen Shot 2012-11-23 at 1.43.50 PM

Gulf Futurism in Dazed & Confused Magazine

Like the endtimes, this is much belated. But the November issue of Dazed & Confused Magazine has a feature on Gulf Futurism as encompassed, encased and embodied by Fatima Al Qadiri and I. If you missed it, HASH.  Perhaps far more excitingly, Bruce Sterling wrote about it in his WIRED blog: “A weird Arab-futurist ideology bursting … Continue reading

sophia al maria scout

<<>> @ Gwangju Biennale

I been remiss internet. Derelict. Negligent. 무기력 한 For the sake of sakes, for the bloog of blog – a record of the object called “Scout” who landed at the 2012 Gwangju Biennale last month: SCOUT from Sophia Al-Maria on Vimeo. There was a cameo in this ArtForum Diary … But the real Highlight for … Continue reading


The 1400-Year Hurdles

I’m no sporty spice but when I was offered a chance to write the catalogue essay for Hey’Ya: Arab Women in Sport – Brigitte Lacombe’s exhibition of photographs of athletic Arab bints it seemed like a fun gig. Below is the essay for those unable to go or get their paws on a catalogue. If … Continue reading

Sophia Scans-2

1200 Count Head Shams from Syria and China

There’s always been something about this particular type of hijab that makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it’s my general suspicion of all all-in-one products or the dirty feel of polyester on sweaty neck or the fact they closely resemble sham pillow cases… but more likely it’s due to traumatic early  memories of  an evil babysitter called … Continue reading


The Rape Gaze – Some Misogynistic Egyptian Movie Posters from the 70s & 80s

This week you might have found yourself sucked into the snarling call and response around Mona El Tahawy’s Foreign Policy article “Why Do They Hate Us?” and Samia Errazouki’s “You Do Not Represent Us”.  These columns are triggers in a seemingly eternal shootout around the subject of the misogyny that is endemic and often institutionalized in … Continue reading

Gulf Colloquy Compendium

Gulf Colloquy Compendium

Next week Global Art Forum _ 6 begins @ Mathaf Modern in Doha and moves on to Art Dubai … in Dubai.  I’ll be in attendance…via the holodeck presenting my short dictionary of Gulfisms while an allstar crew of some of my favorite humans including Yasmine El Rashidi, Michael C Vazquez, Alexander Provan, Sukdev Sandhu, … Continue reading

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