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Gulf Futurism in Dazed & Confused Magazine

Like the endtimes, this is much belated. But the November issue of Dazed & Confused Magazine has a feature on Gulf Futurism as encompassed, encased and embodied by Fatima Al Qadiri and I. If you missed it, HASH.  Perhaps far more excitingly, Bruce Sterling wrote about it in his WIRED blog: “A weird Arab-futurist ideology bursting … Continue reading

sophia al maria scout

<<>> @ Gwangju Biennale

I been remiss internet. Derelict. Negligent. 무기력 한 For the sake of sakes, for the bloog of blog – a record of the object called “Scout” who landed at the 2012 Gwangju Biennale last month: SCOUT from Sophia Al-Maria on Vimeo. There was a cameo in this ArtForum Diary … But the real Highlight for … Continue reading


The 1400-Year Hurdles

I’m no sporty spice but when I was offered a chance to write the catalogue essay for Hey’Ya: Arab Women in Sport – Brigitte Lacombe’s exhibition of photographs of athletic Arab bints it seemed like a fun gig. Below is the essay for those unable to go or get their paws on a catalogue. If … Continue reading

Sophia Scans-2

1200 Count Head Shams from Syria and China

There’s always been something about this particular type of hijab that makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it’s my general suspicion of all all-in-one products or the dirty feel of polyester on sweaty neck or the fact they closely resemble sham pillow cases… but more likely it’s due to traumatic early  memories of  an evil babysitter called … Continue reading


The Rape Gaze – Some Misogynistic Egyptian Movie Posters from the 70s & 80s

This week you might have found yourself sucked into the snarling call and response around Mona El Tahawy’s Foreign Policy article “Why Do They Hate Us?” and Samia Errazouki’s “You Do Not Represent Us”.  These columns are triggers in a seemingly eternal shootout around the subject of the misogyny that is endemic and often institutionalized in … Continue reading

Gulf Colloquy Compendium

Gulf Colloquy Compendium

Next week Global Art Forum _ 6 begins @ Mathaf Modern in Doha and moves on to Art Dubai … in Dubai.  I’ll be in attendance…via the holodeck presenting my short dictionary of Gulfisms while an allstar crew of some of my favorite humans including Yasmine El Rashidi, Michael C Vazquez, Alexander Provan, Sukdev Sandhu, … Continue reading



Today’s blog is an act of shamefaced self promotion. Parlour is screening Qatari-American artist Sophia Al-Maria‘s video work, Scifi Wahabi, at Snake Pit this Wednesday 7th March. Come join us at 6.30pm for a 7 o’clock start at Snake Pit, 33 High St. Auckland PARLOURGROUP is followable behind the blue letters. SNAKEPIT behind these.


Live Fast, Die Young – It’s a Free Internet

Romain Gavras’ new video for MIA’s “Bad Girls” really ‘steams up my windowscreen’. I mean it is hot. ‘Hot’ used here in the ‘let’s go do some crimes‘ … sense. I’ma come off like a real trite asshole dear internets, especially with the real revolutions raging all around us… but I just need to get … Continue reading

Turkan Soray

Türkan “The Sinema Sultan” Şoray

Even though She Lives, Türkan Şoray is a kind of picture-ghost. She endures in the memory banks of the internet, ripened to a bright 480×360 pixels. Here fans who have spent 30 years lovelorn over the “Sultan” of Turksih pop Sinema now post videos in dedication to her.  The faces of Turkan’s lovers are often … Continue reading

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What Habbens in Lenden…

My video for ma muse Fatima Al-Qadiri’s Genre Specific X-Perience album came out a few weeks ago and I forgot to post it. Pitchfork, Fader and a truck of others featured it and it was Tumbled to its high water mark closing in at around 14,000 views on the Youtube since then. Some info on … Continue reading

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