Fog of Fogs, Blog of Blogs

It’s been almost a year since I’ve updated this blog and over a decade since I started it. So for old time’s sake and an OCD desire to graft the missing pieces together for myself in some kinda continuum – here are a few highlights in a year that seemed to slip right by me … Continue reading


My show for The Third Line Gallery is now closed. I post this now after the fact for my own reference. Some coverage here, here and here. In case you’re reading – I especially want to thank you Sybel Vazquez for wrangling me and Misha Michael as chief producer on this version of The Litany. And … Continue reading

The Limerent Object @ Centre d’Art Contemporain Genève

Dear fragile-posterity-for-which-this-blog-is-maintained, I’m pasting below the description of a new video piece called The Limerent Object  you can visit should you be in Geneva soon. The installation is floor to ceiling in a long dark room with brick that reflects the blue colour. Very cave. You can find an interview discussing the piece in depth with JOÃO … Continue reading


  So. I’ve been working on this show that has been ALL consuming the past few months. It’s been BLACKFRIDAYALLDAYEVERYDAY. The show opened at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City on July 25th. There’s info about it here. And you can read the curator Christopher Lew’s great essay about it here. There’s more on CNN. … Continue reading


There was a ripe yield down at the Second-hand Books & Bric-a-Brac yesterday. In amongst the tarnished silver and cracked figurines was this book. It’s a collection of columns from the Zimbabwe Standard called Palaver Finish by Chenjerai Hove who died in exile in Stavanger only a few months ago. It was hard to get a handle on the title essay … Continue reading

Cry of the Chicken Nugget دعاء التشيكن ناجت

How do you feel about this statement? “An Arab is a person whose mother tongue is Arabic.”- Article 10, 1947 Ba’ath Constitution I’m not one of these people who can pick up languages like shells on a seashore. I have to be drowning just to work my way up to a fluent float and even then I … Continue reading

The Happy Hypocrite VIII – Fresh Hell

So HAPPY to post the fact that my guest edited issue of Maria Fusco’s long-running experimental art writing journal The Happy Hypocrite. Is out. With contributions and new work by Abdullah Al-Mutairi, Monira Al Qadiri, Stephanie Bailey, Alex Borkowski, Judy Darragh, William Gibson, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Malak Helmy, Raja’a Khalid, Omar Kholeif, McKenzie Wark, Simon … Continue reading


It’s Day 59 of e-flux Supercommunity & all I can say is – “to be honest i don’t know f*ck the world”. I wrote this piece reflecting on the fact that I have had one mother of a case of writer’s block due in part to the internet and in another part to a depressive … Continue reading


I spend a lot of time creepin. Then I make videos out of what I find. One of these is currently at the New Museum in NYC as part of the Triennial Surround Audience co-curated by Lauren Cornell and Ryan Trecartin. Sisters is a four-channel video composed mostly of found footage from WhatsApp and Youtube. … Continue reading

Foreign Respondent

The below is an audio piece I wrote in response to Karen Mirza and Brad Butler’s film meditation on the 2008 Mumbai Terror Attacks, The Unreliable Narrator. It was performed by my dear friend and collaborator Sangeeta Realspeak at Whitechapel Gallery in London last Thursday night. I wanted to be able to share this with … Continue reading

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