Making Out With Vangelis

Sexuality sounds like making out with Vangelis

Sébastian Tellier’s aural aesthetics share the same “dirty-retro-smooth-and-shiny” feel as everybody’s favorite LA sweatshop. So it only seems appropriate that Sexuality was released last summer via an exclusive capitalist “collaboration” with American Apparel. Of course this marketing masterstroke just makes me feel like a sucker because Sexuality is frustratingly likeable, loveable even. Just like sweatbands and holographic spandex, I can’t resist!

It’s been a good year for Tellier, in March he was nominated to represent France in the Eurovision Contest (a European institution as bafflingly important and political as the Olympics) and he released Sexuality which is his second go at grandiose topical musing (his first was 2004’s Politics). Produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk, the album is as heavy and brilliantly complex as any of his other synth-pop masterworks and Tellier’s smooth croon, Manson beard and ice-cream suit make the collaboration both fascinating and flawless.

Somehow Sexuality has managed to blend a perfect mix of nerdy, sexy and cool, making it impossible not to grin and snap to the boppy track “Divine”, purse your lips and grind to “Kilometer” or wear sunglasses to “Fingers of Steel”.

– Sophia Al-Maria –
SoundProof Magazine

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