Return from the East

I found a little dictation I took last summer of a conversation between a friend and an aquaintance of mine…real charmers:

Mr. Howell-Brush your fuckin’ hair you cunt.
Mr. Sorrell-Nice to see you too mate.
Mr. Howell-When’d you get out?
Mr. Sorrell-When’d you return from the east?
Mr. Howell-They fucked me over man, those shieks are real hypocrits. I’ll tell you we were having a party at the Burg with Leonard Cohen an’ all we wanted were some fuckin beanbags. Well the day we had ’em in the manager said, ‘oh Mr. Howell, I don’t know about those beanbags. The Emir, he thinks these are too much like being in bed but in public.’ Well I know for a fact that this Emir owns the metro and the Cyclone. The two biggest brothels in Dubai. 500 women at any one fuckin’ time. But i’ll tell you Colin, I’m never throwing a party on the beach in Dubai agin’.

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