Spake, Mammory

Abraham LevitanSpeak, MemoryLujo, 2008 It took me a long time to realize I was listening to Abraham Levitan’s Speak, Memory backwards. Having uploaded it onto my (apparently dyslexic) non-iPod MP3 player, it had registered the tracks in reverse order. I strongly suggest having a listen to it this way. After having listened to it forwards, … Continue reading

Mystery Goggles

I don’t know who he is or what he was doing in Richard Williams’ studio at 13 Soho Square in 1960 with a Kings of Saudi signature beard but after seeing him for a split second in the documentary: The Creative Person I had to take a few screen grabs. He’s been hovering on my … Continue reading

The Tender Security Guard

Went to clinic near my house for my mandatory government health test before working, my cousin’s husband’s sister works there as a security guard. She led me through the motions, the paperwork, the hallways full of diabetic mothers and grandmothers in burga’as. then in the lab, totally inexplicably as they drew my blood, she leaned … Continue reading

Lou Reed Says Pt. II

Lou ReedBerlin: Live at St Ann’s WarehouseMatador, 2008 Berlin was Lou Reed’s prodigal album. It was a huge disappointment upon its release in 1973 and was maligned by critics and fans. Even RCA lost faith after hearing an early version of the tragic story of Jim and Caroline and docked it from a double to … Continue reading

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