Mystery Goggles

I don’t know who he is or what he was doing in Richard Williams’ studio at 13 Soho Square in 1960 with a Kings of Saudi signature beard but after seeing him for a split second in the documentary: The Creative Person I had to take a few screen grabs.

He’s been hovering on my desktop for weeks now and has accrued the trimmings of a mini-fantasy around his pixels.

I would walk into the black and white building and stroll up to his tidy desk and say,
“What are you hiding under those dark glasses?”
Then he’d take them off and flutter his lashes as he squints innocently into the bright light and I’d lean forward across his desk and muss his hair a little arranging it to my liking and then step back and have a look at the moustachioed butterfly emerging before me. I’d be pleased with the effect of my handywork and ask him out for a meal in a cozy little place I knew tucked around the corner.

Then I’d hire him as my secretary and make him wear hiwater slacks and pencil ties.

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