Stunning City Scape You got there

I love google video and this yet another reason is why: Day of the Triffids, a Steve Sekely production circa 1962 about human-hunting, uprooting, squishy-sounding, clicktalking plants come to colonize earth via meteorite. The opening is AMAZING as evidenced by these images. I fancy the reddish shot looks like Agrabah though it’s St. Paul’s in … Continue reading


So my aunt W. is a newly minted high school teacher at a Hassa Girl’s Thani Thanawiya in Saudi.Recall if you will Anne Shirley’s stint with the fusty prick-nosed girls of Nova Scotia Ladies’ College and their arson and snake charming antics then multiply it by ten thousand and add the somewhat more stringent Arab … Continue reading


It seems my words in the below entry were interpreted by Jean Sasson & co. to be an attack. Not just that, she mistook me for someone else. Someone who isn’t Arab and who isn’t living in the Khaleej and who doesn’t need to wear Abaya and who’s never boiled over in her own rage … Continue reading

Prisoner of Pomegranate! Crescent Moon in my Navel!

I double took TWICE when I saw this shelf in the Dubai airpot.Sultry Desert Flower was sweating all over Tears of the Desert while Mukhtar Mai and the hot Prisoner lady from Tehran were looking all stoic at the overbaked middle-aged expat ladies going back to Adelaide or Cape Town or wherever saying, “Take me … Continue reading

I DO love bowties.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam BandMt. St. Helens Vietnam BandDead Oceans, 2009 It’s hard to stick out when you’re an Indie rock band from the Northwest. The complacent normalcy of Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band’s self-titled album is not what’s yanked them out of obscurity and into the Seattle spotlight, it’s their back-story that’s turned up … Continue reading

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