So my aunt W. is a newly minted high school teacher at a Hassa Girl’s Thani Thanawiya in Saudi.
Recall if you will Anne Shirley’s stint with the fusty prick-nosed girls of Nova Scotia Ladies’ College and their arson and snake charming antics then multiply it by ten thousand and add the somewhat more stringent Arab equivilant of Victorian values and THEN you’ll have some idea of the bullying and boyas that my aunt has to confront.

My favorite story so far has to do with the headmistress standing at attention in the morning with a vat of Vaseline and checking each girl as she comes into campus for a ‘poof’ (which really just means that bang-puff style that Gwen Stefani used to wear in 2004) and slicking it back with a few fingerfulls of the ol’ Petroleum Jelly.

This is WAY beyond the fingertip skirt rule.

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