Ramadan Special # 4

Tonight on Ishtar TV there was some discussion of the Babel Festival back in 2001. The only information I could find was this article from 9/11/2001. I really enjoyed Mrs. Toad here because she was getting a little wistful when a man from Mosul called from Sweden. She guessed right away (I assume from his … Continue reading

Ramadan Special # 3

When you look at these images I want you to think back to all the low budget psychedelic children’s fantasy adventures circa 1973 that you can. Then imagine you’re an 8 year old little kid watching this man in a throne with no legs and a magic trunk full of splendid promises on his magic … Continue reading

Ramadan Special # 2

I have to make a disclaimer here. I’m not watching these shows through to their finish. But one can usually guess the outcome. I expect this Saraghina is coming out of a coma after a terrible accident that was all her fault and her husband was killed and NOW, tragically widowed, she will spend the … Continue reading

Ramadan Special # 1

Ramadan is all about appreciating the subtleties of your humdrum daily. So I decided to spend this holy month paying special attention to the TV. Sure it doesn’t take much resolve to stare long hours into the morning at “Asian Business” or “Orion Hannibal”. And sure it’s like a soft fluffy cushion to come home … Continue reading

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