Ramadan Special # 10

Xena meets Satyricon! What I saw of this show was breathtaking. The 90s special effects, the swordfare, the beardage. It’s meant to be Jahilliya (pre-Islamic) Saudi in Abha or somewhere. I’m sleepy tonight but I wanted to point out that the djinn guy looks like a reject alien extra off Blakes 7. Only a few … Continue reading

Ramadan Special # 9

I’ve been thinking lately about how beardy Muslim men are always cast as scary Rasputin-types (I love that there is a Rasputin type in this world but still).It doesn’t matter if he’s “ho-ho-hoing” and has a belly that shakes like a bowl full of Bahraini Halwa, the wiry black bramble gives him that certain “scream-and-runaway” … Continue reading

Special Announcement

We apologize for this interruption in your Ramadan programming. However I would like to announce that my video THE RACER has made it’s debut in the W Hotel here in sandy sweet Doha AND it’s now online at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival Website! Please watch it and let me know what you think.

Ramadan Special # 8

I know that most of my references are American TV related…but I have four words to go with these images: Saved by the Bell. Observe Principle Belding up top and down in the pink cardigan set we have Kelly Kapowski aka Tiffany Amber Thiessen last seen in Ladies Man or something. And then we have … Continue reading

Ramadan Special # 7

Benat, Boyahs, you DON’t want to miss this. This is the Glen or Glenda story only it’s Hussein or Hasna!This was on Tash Matash last night, a sort of long-form comedy sketch show that’s been on at least ten years and really took off in popularity (at least in our family) with it’s spot-on parodies … Continue reading

Ramadan Special # 6

Hey everybody! It’s the 14th of Ramadan and that means just one thing in Qatar…Garangaoh! It’s ACTUALLY trick-or-treating without the ghoulies. Door to door the little no-necks come a-begging with their little canvas satchels full of mukesarat and those glazed asian crackers and stale waxy chocolate from five years ago. I give this holiday mass … Continue reading

Ramadan Special # 5

We need to talk about Toyoor Al-Janah. At least in our house it’s the channel of choice for the under-three set. Let me describe it to you: MTV with a repetoire of about 12 videos all starring one family with lessons about praying, thanking Allah, praying, and chastising Daddy etc. Beware: Watching this video could … Continue reading

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