Ramadan Special # 5

We need to talk about Toyoor Al-Janah.

At least in our house it’s the channel of choice for the under-three set.
Let me describe it to you: MTV with a repetoire of about 12 videos all starring one family with lessons about praying, thanking Allah, praying, and chastising Daddy etc. Beware: Watching this video could cause a severe case of song-that-doesn’t-end-syndrome. Also, make sure to play both videos at once because then you’ll get the effect I usually have of the same channel playing in the sitting room and in my aunt Berkah’s room at once. Trippy.
The name of the channel means, Birds of Heaven…the little rascals who star on the channel are apparently meant to be Allah’s doves or pigeons or finches or whatever.
The thing that really bugs me about the channel isn’t the fact that the children are lipsynching over sped up adult singers or their Arab-World-Wide Live Touring Musical Review (actually, that’s pretty awesome and I saw it all live here in Doha at Aspire) or even their preachy attitude with the pointy fingers and “3be” attitude…No. It’s the drug-like effect it has on the little ones. All the crazy spaz-editing.
They won’t watch anything else. There will be no substitutes.
Just “Ana alBendura Hamra” (I am the red tomato) in a high pitched squeal again, again, again, on top of spaghetti all covered in cheese.
One Response to “Ramadan Special # 5”
  1. Talal says:

    My 14 years old brother caught me watching that video and he immediately recognized it, “Teyoor Al Janah”, he said.

    When I asked him if he likes the channel he bluntly said “They started really good but recently they been farting a lot”.

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