Ramadan Special # 6

Hey everybody! It’s the 14th of Ramadan and that means just one thing in Qatar…Garangaoh!

It’s ACTUALLY trick-or-treating without the ghoulies. Door to door the little no-necks come a-begging with their little canvas satchels full of mukesarat and those glazed asian crackers and stale waxy chocolate from five years ago.

I give this holiday mass points because it really gets everyone excited (like this video gets me excited), even my grandma dresses up in an extra magenta jalabiya. And who doesn’t love colorful baskets and dressing up supra-special? Plus as soon as Iftar is over this video comes on with the candy tossing and Tabla banging loud and hard and even I get a little sugar-high.

I AM crashing pretty hard now after the last fistful of toffee and the kids are slowng down as they sift through the last of their riches (nutshells) for a pistachio shard or cheez-it or whatever.

Keep your eye on this blog I’ve got a REAL treat for you tomorrow! x

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