Ramadan Special # 7

Benat, Boyahs, you DON’t want to miss this.

This is the Glen or Glenda story only it’s Hussein or Hasna!
This was on Tash Matash last night, a sort of long-form comedy sketch show that’s been on at least ten years and really took off in popularity (at least in our family) with it’s spot-on parodies of a Bedu-dude in his Suburban (Superman) beater. ّIt ranges but usually an episode peters out at mildly funny, although this early two-wheeling one has some good moments.

So I was flipping around, minding my own business when I see this beautiful Drag King.
The story goes something like this, Hussein’s goatie starts to disintegrate before our eyes, next he starts getting cramps, his dad takes him to the doctor where the doc says he’s got to do an operation fast because….HUSSEIN IS TURNING INTO HASNA! They usually post episodes on MBC’s Youtube channel but this one isn’t up yet…I’ll be sure and post it when it does come up. In the meantime you can enjoy this tangentially related handy playlist I’ve composed of some favorite drag moments in the talkies…I recommend the first one which is Yul Brenner in the psychedelic oddity The Magic Christian.

Anyway! Hasna ends up marrying Amir who was once Ameera and they set off into life together as a gender bending duo as Amir does the cooking and Hasna the driving and it fades from there. Still, it’s a particularly sharp bit of Ramadan programing because ‘Boyahs‘ (that’s girls who dress and talk like boys from the Rolex to full on cross dressing) are a big subculture here in the gulf and you can imagine why: it gives you freedom of movement in more ways than one. She (the boyah) has become an almost affectionately revered character in pop culture although Sheikha Mozah has started a ‘rehabilitation’ program to help makeover ‘Boyahs‘ into shiny happy Khaleejias.

I love pretty much everything H.H. does but I just have to say ‘boo.’ to that plan.

2 Responses to “Ramadan Special # 7”
  1. lana says:

    i second your boo!!

  2. First of all big ups for including me in your blogroll.

    I just finished doing a detox (the maple lemon one) and after starving my self for 12 days I only ended up losing 4 kg, 2 of which I gained the second food entered my system. I was so docile the whole time I couldn’t do shit.

    I like Tash ma Tash, and sometimes I am not sure if my appreciation is 100% ironic or not, it keeps my up at night sometimes.

    These Ramadan specials are the shit BTW. I am eating them up like there is no tomorrow.

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