Ramadan Special # 9

I’ve been thinking lately about how beardy Muslim men are always cast as scary Rasputin-types (I love that there is a Rasputin type in this world but still).

It doesn’t matter if he’s “ho-ho-hoing” and has a belly that shakes like a bowl full of Bahraini Halwa, the wiry black bramble gives him that certain “scream-and-runaway” vibe.

It’s not so much the terrorist thing…I feel the same way about Rob Zombie.
He’d be just as likely as a Saudi Mutawwa to go after you with a riding crop for your poof.

But on TV I’ve been noticing friendly Imams and I like that. Zebeibas are going out of fashion and it’s not the Televangelist Amr Khaled type stuff. This guy on MBC reminds me of Mr. Rogers without the cardigan. He has a show called Keyf Ttludhdh Salah “How to Savor your Prayers”. Look at his gentle smile and his Hawaiian hibiscus backdrop and inviting yoga balls and think, “Hey, maybe my prayers do need a little imagineering.”.

PS Read Mona El Tahawy’s article about how the absence of Shiny Happy Muslims.

2 Responses to “Ramadan Special # 9”
  1. Talal says:

    Ah dude! Mona Eltahawy’s website is hacked by a ‘MUSLİM HACKER’, you gotta love that epic loop in the background. What a douche bag.


  2. Joxua Luxor says:

    Is that Shakeel Ahmad Bhat? lol, where did you find a picture of him where he isn’t yelling if I may ask? Some Muslim biased source? lol.

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