Ramadan Special # 10

Xena meets Satyricon! What I saw of this show was breathtaking. The 90s special effects, the swordfare, the beardage. It’s meant to be Jahilliya (pre-Islamic) Saudi in Abha or somewhere. I’m sleepy tonight but I wanted to point out that the djinn guy looks like a reject alien extra off Blakes 7. Only a few nights of Ramadan left ya bezran.

OK this is totally off piste but can’t help it. I’m having a bout of YouTube tourettes!
Blakes 7 was my favorite programming for a whole year and a half of lonely lonely Jr. High. For those of you who don’t know me…my fashion sense is plagiarised off the back of the glambotterroristador Servalan. Or at least it will be once I find the right forest locale with the properly accessorized henchwomen. OH! I still want to BE her. Is that a Super 8?

Oh Avon! I can’t believe at 14 I was lusting for the guy.

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