Elias Rahbani & The Eye of His Tiger

I had “Dance of Maria” as a ringtone for 6 months and still, every time I hear it I get the same shiver as Miserlou or any song by The Sonics. You know the one. It seemed the only videos of any Rahbani song were either sunsets or scrolling images of Rabani’s bald spot so … Continue reading


As per your kind reqvests Hamida, Sousan… I give you: UPDATE! Look if you will at these two tiny plastic women. As if putting on your hijab wasn’t crooked enough on a lifesize person with a head of slippery hair, Fulla’s duck-bill-style scarf is cockeyed over her loathsome grocery-shopping-matron-in-coat-abaya look. Fulla also appears to be … Continue reading

Attack of the Diva Bots

Miss Starlink

Starlink, Your Ad Campaign Makes Me Feel Funny. Take a moment. Stop laughing. Turn off CSI Miami. OK Now cup your chin in the cradle of your fist Silver Fox and think, “What’s not right about my advertisement?” I’ll tell you right now Don Darwish your ad has got two Lebs (one of whom is … Continue reading

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