As per your kind reqvests Hamida, Sousan…

I give you: UPDATE!

Look if you will at these two tiny plastic women.

As if putting on your hijab wasn’t crooked enough on a lifesize person with a head of slippery hair, Fulla’s duck-bill-style scarf is cockeyed over her loathsome grocery-shopping-matron-in-coat-abaya look.

Fulla also appears to be smuggling eighty layers of ‘her indoor clothing’.
At least give the old stick a jungle green Moroccan hoodie-jalabiya.

This is all just a lead up to the meat of this post. the Barbie vs. Fulla debate rages on in a totally senseless wardi-toned romp on the roof of my apartment next to the Cotton Club in Harlem back in 2007.

Twas a lonesome time, I had no friends.

I played with the snow and FinalCut Pro.

Please enjoy INFIDOLL & THE GREAT SATANS: the only Youtube video I ever made that broke 5,000 views.

Well, except for that one that got flagged… oopz. x

One Response to “FULLA VS. BARBIE”
  1. Sousan Hammad says:

    i would have played with you in the snow, sophia!

    this post made me laugh – thanks for this. it’s good to have a guffaw at something not related to the lugubrious comments made by jet-lagged journalists in the four seasons press room.

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