Elias Rahbani & The Eye of His Tiger

I had “Dance of Maria” as a ringtone for 6 months and still, every time I hear it I get the same shiver as Miserlou or any song by The Sonics.

You know the one.
It seemed the only videos of any Rahbani song were either sunsets or scrolling images of Rabani’s bald spot so I’ve remedied his situation by making him a mash-up.

He deserved an exploding video.

One part Rahbani-keyboard, another part Ray Harryhausen and a sprinkling of colorful star-iris transitions.

If I ever had extra cash I’d buy the rights to this track and play it as my life-jam on surgically implanted speakers.

2 Responses to “Elias Rahbani & The Eye of His Tiger”
  1. What’s wrong with Elias’s bald head? I get nostalgic when I see it… My favourite time to listen Rahbani’s music is at sunrise while eating labnah and green olives.

    I just came across your blog and went through the archives. What struck me were your drawings. I could relate to a number of them, in fact a couple reminded me eerily of childhood dreams. Hope to see more, maybe in higher resolution or even exhibited in Doha!

    – The Eternal Outsider

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