Libulibu Ouchoo OR Singing-in-Tongues

Back in February 2008, Valentina Hasan went viral with her torch-song “Ken Lee” on Bulgarian Idol.
Ms. Hasan stepped up to the gallows, breasts boosted by the number 348 stapled to her silken prom gown.

This spectacularly mistransliterated rendition of “Without You” is incredible. Just watch “Ken Lee” and we’ll commence the conversation in 1:14.

For more on the perils of singing in someone else’s lyrics read Yasutaka Tsutsui’s short story “Bear’s Wood Main Line” in Salmonella Men on Planet Porno. Best story in the best book I’ve read all year about a stranger what came to town and sang a curse down on the mountain…with an accident of diction.

Speaking of Japan and cherubs!
Here’s Karen Carpenter singing “Sing” in Japanese with a brood of uniformed angelettes.

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