Pirate Parfum # 2 – Rain Pool

This sharp, modern-classic will overwhelm you with the powerful essence of storm-drain. “Rain Pool” opens with gravelly-ditch, crecendos with hints of puddle and leaves you with the astonishing final notes of motor oil and antifreeze. This is the second in what will inevitably be a long series of resplendently wrong Pirate Perfume boxes. If you … Continue reading

End of my Tine

Here is a new (super pompous) album review and probably my last review (bout de pomposity) for some time as I shift focus to less frivolous, trifling matters this year. You can find it on Soundproof Magazine. The last time I ever went to the Silent Barn in Queens (ahem Chad Kawasaki!) I saw Castanets. … Continue reading

Pirate Parfum # 1 – Hug Me

A scent for the modern, forward female who knows what she wants and how to demand it. “HUG ME” for Lady boasts a sweet opening of confectioner’s sugar and singed electrical wiring with a velvety dry-down of sweaty polyester. This is the first in what will inevitably be a long series of resplendently wrong Pirate … Continue reading


This’ll be old news to some of you but… The New Bidoun is out and-all-prettied up by Babak Radboy! Expect the usual suspects inside including Tiffany Malakooti, Gary Dauphin, Lucy Raven, Alexander Provan, Michael Vazquez, Negar Azimi, Hassan Khan, Fatima al-Qadiri and Me. Step and fetch-it kids! PS all these croony, kissy faces remind me … Continue reading

Pank Islam Pank Islam Islam Punk Islam

So as many of you are aware, The Taqwacores premiers at Sundance this week. There’s alot of scream and shout over it, alot of hiss and boo over the book, alot of haters putting ‘so-called’ in front of the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Punk’. If there’s one thing that soul-melting Islam and face-smashing Punk have absolutely … Continue reading

The Curious Case of Palm Tree Island

Palm Tree Island Then. Palm Tree Island Now. Feeling whistful about Kidhood memories on Doha’s PTI after coming across the top circa 1997 photo. Whatever happened there I’m sorry it meant shaving all those trees down.

Petroleum Grrls

Today was spent deep-net mining for 1970s American oil company propaganda. After coming across the rather astounding Standard Oil of California “Come-to-Beautiful-Rugged-Saudi” film Desert Venture and a few mildly amusing spreads in Forbes and Time, this jumped right up into my lap. Les Petroleuses or Petrol Girls (1971) – a Bridget Bardot/Claudia Cardinal double-header only … Continue reading

Postcards from Tatooine

Late last year Dubai gallery The Empty Quarter (Orientalists everywhere! “Huzzah!”) staged a pair of gimmicky solo-exhibitions hovercrafting around my favorite subject: yes, the SFKhaleej. The perfectly punchlined “Dubai, Transmutations” was composed of the work of Martin Becka, a French photographer who used an 1857 style view box camera to capture contemporary Dubai. He xeroed … Continue reading

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