Petroleum Grrls

Today was spent deep-net mining for 1970s American oil company propaganda.
After coming across the rather astounding Standard Oil of California “Come-to-Beautiful-Rugged-Saudi” film Desert Venture and a few mildly amusing spreads in Forbes and Time, this jumped right up into my lap.
Les Petroleuses or Petrol Girls (1971) – a Bridget Bardot/Claudia Cardinal double-header only vaguely related to anything gasoline-themed.
(A few years back I shuffled right over this Wiktor Gorka in the Berlin Polish poster shop Pegasis. Fat regret: not buying it right there)
The plot is a little hazy but from what I gather – a pair of buxom F-ranch speaking sisters inherit a tidy parcel of land and spend their time squatting and spreading-eagle in various stages of petty-coat.
You know I love to read niqabs into absolutely everything…still get to 0:58 of the “Generique” when the Cardinal girl-gang rip off their black-bandanas and go tramping into the foothills and you’re gonna want to h00t.
Yes, it’s official, after watching this, I’m going to get the black Stetson to match my Frye boots and rough-shod abaya-chaps.
Bonus: If I could afford the 167$ uber-rare DVD this may become my favorite B-movie.
Minus: BB’s Bazums and CC’s jugs just hain’t no use to my r’surch.
One Response to “Petroleum Grrls”
  1. Natalie says:

    That Polish poster is titled “Queens of the Wild West” – appropriate indeed!

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