Pank Islam Pank Islam Islam Punk Islam

So as many of you are aware, The Taqwacores premiers at Sundance this week. There’s alot of scream and shout over it, alot of hiss and boo over the book, alot of haters putting ‘so-called’ in front of the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Punk’.
If there’s one thing that soul-melting Islam and face-smashing Punk have absolutely in common it’s that practicers of either (or both) love to point and call “Poser!” (or “Infidel!” if the situation suits them) at everyone else.
Come to think of it, over the years I’ve met more Muslim-converts synthesized out of straight-edge ex-hobo or crust kids than any other American subculture so really the two go perfectly hand in fist.

Still, aside from marking this super exciting moment I wish I could be a part of, let’s leave TaqX behind and head to Europe for the real subject of this post.
I’m gonna take you on a Youtube train back to 1988 to drive through the absurd, accidentally awesome “Punk Islam” as performed with an a-rythmically mincing ‘harem’-dancer.
For the record I’d like to thank the inimitable Amal Khalaf for introducing me to CCCP (‘Che-Che-Che-Pi’ Italian letters are fun to say!), a USSR-inspired band born when Massimo Zamboni and Giovanni Ferreti at a club in the West Side of East Berlin.
In my not-so-wild imaginings I picture a bombed out factory with broken glass being sandified in the treads of steel-toed combats all to heavy dirty 80s German Industrial. There, getting thrashed against the stage a 16-year-old Hanin Elias holds her own in a manic panic-pit of teenage rioters. But you know, that’s just a pleasant dream.

Just especially to be a mean old hag whose glory days are gone I want to say one final note while we’re on the subject of posers…I want to stomp Sarah Maple.
One Response to “Pank Islam Pank Islam Islam Punk Islam”
  1. It is weird, isn’t it, how the straight-edge punk ethos fits so well with the religiously devoted. But it’s just a youth thing, and when punks grow up, they make money and do very interesting productive things. It’s the other side of punk that kinda gets left out, the side that these religiously devoted youth will have to confront sometime. The sequel is yet to be written!

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