Pirate Parfum # 1 – Hug Me

A scent for the modern, forward female who knows what she wants and how to demand it.
HUG ME” for Lady boasts a sweet opening of confectioner’s sugar and singed electrical wiring with a velvety dry-down of sweaty polyester.

This is the first in what will inevitably be a long series of resplendently wrong Pirate Perfume boxes.
If you see something unbelievable, snap and send it to me!
We must document this phenomenon in all it’s holographic/rubbing-alcoholic majesty.

3 Responses to “Pirate Parfum # 1 – Hug Me”
  1. lufarah says:

    Lulu Center cosmetics aisle is an everlasting source of entertainement…Monkey Brand Black Tooth Powder is one of my favorites…

  2. Oh of course!
    Monkey Brand Black Tooth Powder is a staple in MY beauty regime. X

  3. I love the “for lady” part. It reminds me of “for lady bits”. Douche. Literally.

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