End of my Tine

Here is a new (super pompous) album review and probably my last review (bout de pomposity) for some time as I shift focus to less frivolous, trifling matters this year.

You can find it on Soundproof Magazine.

The last time I ever went to the Silent Barn in Queens (ahem Chad Kawasaki!) I saw Castanets.
Raposa was barefoot, bearded and I drank tap water from the sink behind his equipment.

But I digress. If you’re in the mood for dusky, strange Amerikinshkasa… get your filthy paws on this album.


Texas Rose Thaw and The Beast

(Asthmatic Kitty)

SOUNDS LIKE: Marfa, Texas set to a David Lynch soundtrack.

I cannot emphasize enough the clarity with which Texas Rose, The Thaw and The Beast rings true. It bears a weight both in sound and subject which is absolutely soaked in the anxiety of emptiness and apocalypse that hover in the zeitgeist at the end of this (and pretty much every) decade.

In 40 minutes flat, Castanets‘ frontman/one-man show Raymond Raposa touches on such themes as servitude, masochism, freedom, bad weather, drug-fuelled love affairs, hunger and agoraphobia… That’s right, he more or less sums up the key-elements of our modern lives.

Raposa casts himself the time-traveling bluesman and his voice veers between the husky hack of a beaten hobo, a rain-soaked child and a love-sick stalker all offset by a distant, ventriloquized sax and synth that add an otherworldly note to the otherwise earthy-Americana which has long been his forte.

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