Doctor al-Zaius

“We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you. God damn you all to hell!” Wow, I really need to turn the irony down a notch. Today’s blog will be a brief one juxtaposing the above book-cover with an iconic film-still. The book is boldly entitled, “America in the Gulf” by … Continue reading

Pirate Parfum # 7 – Accidental Wildly Zealous

I have very little to say about this perfume but that it was pleasurably potent and unleashed a similar reaction in me to the giddy effects of laughing gas. If you can tell me what box this is intended to mimic please do, this is by far the jewel in the crown of pirate perfumes … Continue reading

Roller Shampionships

You know how patterns sometimes emerge from out the randomness of your daily media intake and you think, “Huh. Why do I keep seeing small children wearing eye-patches?” or “Wow. That’s the third time today someone misused the word ’eminent’ with ‘disaster’.” And so on. Well such is the stuff of the zeitgeist and that … Continue reading

Pirate Parfums # 4, 5 & 6 – Titanix

It’s difficult to ascertain where the Titanic line originated, however it is certainly a derivative of the perennial favorite “Cool Water” with it’s distinct mixture of briny sea water and invigorating creme de menthe. For those who want to experience one of the world’s worst accidents and the greatest love story ever told…at the same … Continue reading

Stripping Stars and Stripes

Last night I watched the Maysles bros. 1970 docu masterwork Gimme Shelter. So among the many goose-bumped moments Gimme Shelter rang out of me, I had a series of barely related synapse-flashes flickering out of Mic Jagger’s collapsible American Flag Magician’s hat. First was 1996. To a pair of shoes I had in Junior High. … Continue reading

Pirate Parfum # 3 – Third Dimension

The beguiling “Third Dimension”by Marbert is a classic eau de tesseract, a light, flattened version of the indescribable, uncapturable octachoron. For a richer, muskier interpretation of the tesseract, I suggest “Hypercube” also by Marbert, the fabled French house of geometric fragrances. Bonus! This clip actually gave me nightmares as a child. I vividly remember being … Continue reading

Back to Functionality

Once again I’ve been lucky enough to contribute to The Functionality Blog. You can check out my most recent post testing-out ideas of Gulf Futurism here. FYeyes * The Functionality is a multidisciplinary design collective that explores issues of technology, culture and economics, through considered research and tactile experimentation. Bookmark it, it’s a great site.

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