Pirate Parfum # 3 – Third Dimension

The beguiling “Third Dimension”by Marbert is a classic eau de tesseract, a light, flattened version of the indescribable, uncapturable octachoron. For a richer, muskier interpretation of the tesseract, I suggest “Hypercube” also by Marbert, the fabled French house of geometric fragrances.

Bonus! This clip actually gave me nightmares as a child. I vividly remember being unable to sleep for fear that a giant angry apple would stamp me in my bedroom at night if I didn’t notice it was there. Mr. Carl Sagan, cosmic pioneer of the visual aid.
One Response to “Pirate Parfum # 3 – Third Dimension”
  1. pcoristi says:

    Your comment re: Carl Sagan’s apple in Flatland is hilarious!

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