Roller Shampionships

You know how patterns sometimes emerge from out the randomness of your daily media intake and you think, “Huh. Why do I keep seeing small children wearing eye-patches?” or “Wow. That’s the third time today someone misused the word ’eminent’ with ‘disaster’.” And so on.

Well such is the stuff of the zeitgeist and that is straight where today’s post came from.
A few days ago I started seeing Egypt + Roller Skates everywhere.
If you’ve ever rollerskated you know two things:
concrete > asphalt and avoid hills if you’ve got front-breaks.
If you’ve ever been in Cairo you know one thing:
First I found this underaged chorus-line on wheels in a book about the “United Arab Republic”.

Then on a browse over to the Arab Image Foundation I came across the amazing video screen-grabbed at the beginning of this post of Van Leo’s brother Angelo Boyadjian roller-jamming. It blew my ever-loving.
If quad, inline or skating (expect another post on this later) ever really gets going there
I believe deeply that it will birth the universe’s tuffest humans on wheels:
Between potholes, waist-high curbs and the barreling chaos that is Cairene traffic, it is simply suicidal.
Sort of like jumping off the second story balcony of an Imbaba houseboat into belharzia-infested river weeds where you know full well dead animal corpses get tangled…and you do it for the kicks.
But that’s another story for another post someday.

And P.S.

The Egyptian Federation for Skating
26, Bahget Aly St.
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
PRESIDENT – Mohamed Abdel Mawlly
SECRETARY – Boshra Shalash
PHONE – 20 12 2102390
20 12 2101454
FAX – 20 12 7367708

Go Get’m Tigers!
One Response to “Roller Shampionships”
  1. The Culturist says:

    I LOVE this post.

    Indeed, ‘Qahira ain’t made for skating’.

    I too absolutely loved the video on the Arab Image Foundation and was desperate to find a way to embed the same clip on my blog.

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