Pirate Parfum # 7 – Accidental Wildly Zealous

I have very little to say about this perfume but that it was pleasurably potent and unleashed a similar reaction in me to the giddy effects of laughing gas.
If you can tell me what box this is intended to mimic please do, this is by far the jewel in the crown of pirate perfumes thus far.

In fact, I think I just might love it SO much I have to go back to Rawnaq and pay 65 QR for it so I can make the David Lynch-inspired Perfume-ad it is begging for.

Benito Robinsone, I’m commissioning you for this project!

3 Responses to “Pirate Parfum # 7 – Accidental Wildly Zealous”
  1. BuJ says:

    hello Sophia al Maria

    great blog you have there, and I noticed you linked to my blog.. but I don’t think i’ve even seen you commenting on my blog even once!!!

    tell me more about why u like my blog..

    very surprising.. as i seem to be gathering more enemies than friends

    who knows

    anyway, it’s a pleasure!

  2. I don’t know why, but I really hate that David Lynch Gucci commercial. Loathe.

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  1. […] the blog (I’m talking to you nobody) may recall about a year ago I enlisted Benito Robinsoni (right here on this page) to help me realize my dream for a Lynchian perfume ad based on one of the Pirate Parfums I enjoy […]

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