Doctor al-Zaius

“We finally really did it. You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you. God damn you all to hell!”

Wow, I really need to turn the irony down a notch.
Today’s blog will be a brief one juxtaposing the above book-cover with an iconic film-still.
The book is boldly entitled, “America in the Gulf” by the good Doctor Fathi Al Afifi (not an artist of the same name).
When I came across it, I couldn’t help but notice the maybe-possibly-likely accidental cinematic reference to Planet of the Apes.
A bare-chested Charlton Heston (RIP) classic and my paws-down favorite movie circa 1995 (it was an awkward phase).

Watch him collapse in the surf here and enjoy watching a grown man cry:
2 Responses to “Doctor al-Zaius”
  1. BuJ says:

    hahahaha this cracked me up1!!!

    why did u call it planet of the apes?

    my friend used to call gulfies – planet of apes!

  2. Leigh Bola says:

    For real post-apocalyptic on-trend tracking SFW you need to dig out PotA Part 2….Heston looks a bit like a stringy chicken that you’d send back if it turned up on your plate, but has a luscious blonde companion, who has a magnificent beard that puts Charlton to Shame…however the film goes underground in just about every conceivable connotation of the phrase resulting in PotA goes WtF and ending off-planet sequels until “Fluke-Ass” Lucas made a better fist of it several years into the future 70’s.

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