Pirate Perfume # 10: hot4u

In the annals of ‘fume bloggery hot4u will be sniffed at as having been a chilly, monochromatic, screeching nightmare of a ‘Natural Spray’. The crisp perfume man in Rawnaq convinced me it was the closest fragrance he had to the now discontinued (sob) Accidental Wildly Zealous I’ve been combing Doha for. He doused me head … Continue reading

The White Stallion

Not so many days ago I was loitering at the arrivals hall at the Doha international, you know, like I do…when I was taken quite by surprise by the below sweet nothings I received from (Banorama125) via Bluetooth. Like the musculated specimens you see here he was tall, pale and wearing a hamdania (sadly no … Continue reading

Pirate Parfum # 9 – Art Fresh

In the stead of writing in some kind of earnest about adventures at Art Dubai last week I send you a scent, spotted at a shop next to a tastefully neoned restaurant called Karachi Darbar. Art Fresh: the odeur extracted from the first musk deposits in the glands of newly born art. A just-hatched art-pod … Continue reading

Rags to Ridiculous

Put this invitation in your pipe to smoke until I get around to making a real post about the art fair 2010. A little over a year ago I was eking-out a scurvy-burn-diet of Ramen & Vacuum Packed Mackerel in a South-London apartment we called “The Black Lodge”. It was a time of scant resources … Continue reading

Addendum to America-as-Apparel

A few weeks ago I had a brain-freeze called “Stripping Stars and Stripes” over the subject of how the American Flag disappeared from clothing, pop and life in general. There WAS that Union Jack phase in the 90s (via reissue Sex Pistols or SpiceGirls or Shirley Manson we’ll never know) but that was merely rehashed … Continue reading

Doha, I Heart U

Lately the neon has been aligning over Doha. Where I once felt alienated by my yearning to express myself in florescence I suddenly have serendipity skipping along at my side reminding me that, ‘you’ll never be alone if you wrap yourself in light’. This has generally been a few weeks of the most lushly lucky … Continue reading

Pirate Parfum # 8 – Spoilt

Today’s perfume de pirate is delightful on five different levels, they are as follows: 5. Any perfume that shares an adjective with an object (like say, an expired can of medammas) is bold beyond any of the most daring nose’s wildest marketing tactics. 4. Recently I overhead the following conversation between two of my esteemed … Continue reading

Cairo Sk8rs: The Sequel

This is an addendum to my earlier post about Egyptian skating fads. Found this amazing classic photo in Shell Oil Company Magazine from July 1991. Is the great-blue-yonder giving me a sign that I should start a roller-derby team in Doha? YES.

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