Pirate Parfum # 8 – Spoilt

Today’s perfume de pirate is delightful on five different levels, they are as follows:

5. Any perfume that shares an adjective with an object (like say, an expired can of medammas) is bold beyond any of the most daring nose’s wildest marketing tactics.
4. Recently I overhead the following conversation between two of my esteemed fellow Arabs concerning the word ‘Spoiled’ in the context of prejudices against Gulfies:
AH- So do they condescend to you? Is the ‘R’ word involved?
FT-What ‘R’?
FT-No, I don’t think so, more the ‘S’ word.
AH-‘S’ word?
FT- Sp-Oiled. They think we’re just spoiled.
AH- Ah but that ‘S’ word is a part of the ‘R’ word my friend.
3. The TV spot for this Fragrance would showcase an adult Veruca Salt kneeing supplicants in the groin as she whispers, “Spoiled- the Parfum…Give it to me…”:
2. I’ve come to the conclusion that the astonishingly wrong (re: so right) names of these Pirate perfumes are coming from thesaurus.com.
So I thought I’d switch that tactic around and found that ‘Spoiled’ shares a remarkable thesaurus-thread with such stand-up words as desecrate, blemish and my favorite: rotten.
1. The scent itself was amazingly true to its name: absolutely reeking of mildewy flower-water, acidic fruit-mold and aspartame.
2 Responses to “Pirate Parfum # 8 – Spoilt”
  1. Leigh Bola says:

    As someone who chooses “L’Anarchiste” by Caron for his scent, I probably shouldn’t speculate on the reasons behind others’ selections. I make my choice for the perfume’s top-notes of vetiver and burning barricades.

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