Doha, I Heart U

Lately the neon has been aligning over Doha.

Where I once felt alienated by my yearning to express myself in florescence I suddenly have serendipity skipping along at my side reminding me that, ‘you’ll never be alone if you wrap yourself in light’.
This has generally been a few weeks of the most lushly lucky moments relating to the city I’ve ever had the fortune of noticing. One of these moments was this account shot with a friend of riding alongside the one and only Crazy-Corniche-Car guy.
He inspires me to commission that Chalayan-style laser abaya the world has been begging for.
Who shall provide me with ten-thousand raw Swarovskis and a laser-pen?

And please, if you have ever even wondered what Arab-Tron would be like, watch this.

One Response to “Doha, I Heart U”
  1. Bad Timing says:

    That video is mesmerizing. The lights, tripulastic.

    You should see “Mother”, by the way, however you might! 🙂

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