Addendum to America-as-Apparel

A few weeks ago I had a brain-freeze called “Stripping Stars and Stripes” over the subject of how the American Flag disappeared from clothing, pop and life in general. There WAS that Union Jack phase in the 90s (via reissue Sex Pistols or SpiceGirls or Shirley Manson we’ll never know) but that was merely rehashed marketing. Nothing ever came close to the powerful use of the Star Spangled Banner on say the chopper in Easy Rider or by Jimi Hendrix.

Then a very eloquent and respectid friend of mine whose opinion in all heavy-matters-pop wrote me this in response to the post:

“I used to have a massive flag on my childhood bedroom wall (and my parents were Moscow-holidaying leftistas) but this starsnstripes has disappeared from culture as resolutely as the figure of Meredith Hunter.”

The starsnstripes my friend speaks of HAD disappeared when he wrote that a week ago…But lo!
ONly a few days after he wrote that WTF should come barreling onto the internet but THIS!:

The Gaga-Beyonce Double-Header Women-in-Prison/Female Scorpion/Natural Born B*tches Music Video Epic, TELEPHONE.

Warning: I love LG. I’m certainly one of her devoted “Little Monster”s. But this song is poisonous.
If Beyonce’s legs and Gaga’s Axl Rose hair bedecked-to-the-max in grimey Americanana can’t resurrect Old Glory absolutely absolutely nothing will.

Lastly, please take a moment and consider their Abaya outfits they wear while flailing before the infamous KB PussyWagon at the end. I have a wide-brimed Yoko Ono hat I’m going to start rocking under my shala.

2 Responses to “Addendum to America-as-Apparel”
  1. BuJ says:

    Lol @ kill bill’s pussy wagon!

  2. 夾克 says:

    來幫你衝一下人氣,捧個人場囉~~ ........................................

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