Virgin with a Memory

This post takes it’s cue from my ipod shuffle’s algorithm. I hear this song almost everyday on my drive to work lately. It’s burned into my speakers. There’s a Destroyer song that goes, “Was it the Movie or the Making of Fitzcarraldo?” Anyway, my answer to Dan Bejar’s question is: With Werner, it really doesn’t … Continue reading


Go forth all you with feet and wheels. Go out and find a copy of Bidoun: Bazaar. Order one HINA. Inside you will find an insert from the mad geniuses of Kuwait Khalid al Gharaballi and Fatima al Qadiri: autotuned into a blinding riott of dayglo by Babak Radboy: worded into oblivion by me.It’s the … Continue reading

Perfume Concept Albums

I was a thick whiff of thrilled to find this old LP cover yesterday. The sitwan was missing but the best part was there. Meet Ali Abd Al Sitar, king of the dreamy-eye, lord of the warble, endorser of fragrances fransayz. Joy de Jean Patou (Whisper) Paris, is notorious for being ‘the most expensive scent … Continue reading

What a Gorgeous Grimace!

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