AyShay – Shay6an

So back at Art Dubai I met the one. Her name is Fatima al Qadiri: Kuwaiti (Q8T) musician and artist. She’s riding sidesaddle atop the electric clouds of her own djinn-storm. She’s already an icon. All she needs is an alter. Which brings us to her performance as AyShay (a solo inclination of hers) at … Continue reading

The Best Patrol Pageant Ever

You may wonder what exactly was going through Shell’s corporate head when the below set of images was julienned and then baked together. Well, due to my overactive tendency to totally misread everything, it’s my theory that this casserole of plucky industry, hellfire and couture fashioning was intended as a promotional poster for a never-to-be-made … Continue reading

That Which is Coming

OK so it’s a little early for Saudi National Day this year but I couldn’t get over this video of inline skaters in Saudi on Youm alWatani. Aside from the fact that these dudes need a serious Fish-Eye-Lens video-make-over ala Aggressive Inline it hints at the awesome and wide gap of fun-to-be-had between the synapses … Continue reading

WildCatters & WatchStanders

Long-time-coming Triple Canopy article about the American dream haunting a young Arab (my father) is up for view HERE! Proud to have enlisted the help of the one and only Manal al Dowayan for the original artwork she contributed to the piece and for Saudi Aramco veteran photographer the inimitable Tor Eigeland for the finale … Continue reading

Arabian Thyme Machine

Apparently my friend SciFi Wahabi made it folding through the geometric grids of space leaving slug-trails of time-waste and spice behind her. She came out this end in the middle of Art Dubai. A few photos of her here on the staticliss carpet of Jumeirah and reading from Arabian Time Machine. SFW also waits centerfolded … Continue reading


Today I wanna talk about barterables: abalone, beachglass, shiny boots of leather, ceiling wax, cabbages and kings. There is a shop in Doha that stocks such items and I stopped in last month. Here are a few of the prize goods: Anyway, all this added up to too many riyals and It got me thinking … Continue reading

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