Arabian Thyme Machine

Apparently my friend SciFi Wahabi made it folding through the geometric grids of space leaving slug-trails of time-waste and spice behind her. She came out this end in the middle of Art Dubai.

A few photos of her here on the staticliss carpet of Jumeirah and reading from Arabian Time Machine.

SFW also waits centerfolded in the new BrownBook for you.

Shukers to Alia al Sabi for sending them and Katrin Greiling for taking them and Tima Ouzden for the BB foto and ArtDubai/BidounProjects for bringing SFW and Marie Thams for making the first SFW abaya and M. Dezember for shepherding the time-traveller through the public perils that day.
2 Responses to “Arabian Thyme Machine”
  1. oh MY god. fame suits you s. jx

  2. kathryncrem206 says:

    TAHNKS FOR YOUR SHARING~~~VERY NICE ........................................

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