Camel Jockies

I’m MIA this week but wanted you to know you’re all winners who read this blog! So I leave you with some choice findings from a 1995 Camel racing magazine from the days when it was still legal to send small children galloping on humpback at upwards of 20mph. I liked this spread because at … Continue reading

Du Das Kulturmagazin Nr. 807 Juni 2010

It’s strange to read an interview with yourself in a language you don’t speak. I’m not-worthy/lucky/honored/thrilled this month to be included in Hans Ulrich Obrist’s “Exhibition on Paper” called “29 for the Dicennium” in the June issue of Du in which he chose 29 artists whose ideas may be influential in the coming decade. -Somewhere … Continue reading

Now to the Moment of Your Last Breath

A few weeks ago I opened my newspaper (The National) and Maisoon al Saleh’s skeletons came tumbling out. Predictably enough her skulled Khaleejeen came a-scratching at my bloggerly sensibilities. These images are iconic (in the most gimmicsome way) of Gulfi-ness. She says she is interested in exploring themes of Death and Beauty. Fair enough, as … Continue reading

Nothing says Vin Diesel like Ed Hardy

Recently I decided to conduct a mean little exercise in character development. I surveyed a cross-section of Gulfies asking them to respond Rorschach-style to the below images and to answer a few prompts ala a Proust-questionnaire about their hypothetical owner. I particularly targeted those subjects who I knew to be rhinestone intolerant and sensitive to … Continue reading

Smoke & Glitter

I’m feverish tonight. Had a Gauloise from a stale pack in a suitcase. If you’re feeling like I’m feeling (sore)(delirious)(fatigued) then have a view of Henri-Georges Clouzot’s unfinished hypno-tech L’Infer with the ill-fated Romy Schneider doing that French thing with her smoke. There’s something wicked about staring the camera down, something voodoo in your smoke … Continue reading

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