Now to the Moment of Your Last Breath

A few weeks ago I opened my newspaper (The National) and Maisoon al Saleh’s skeletons came tumbling out. Predictably enough her skulled Khaleejeen came a-scratching at my bloggerly sensibilities.

These images are iconic (in the most gimmicsome way) of Gulfi-ness.

She says she is interested in exploring themes of Death and Beauty.
Fair enough, as far as visual subjects go… nothing compares.

Still, I can’t help but shutter at the dried-up cheek bones and the gauged-out eyes… I get that look all the time.

See more of Maisoon’s work here in a listup of Emirati artists @ ArteEast.

And speaking of empty staring sockets and bare bones:

I give you a Dead Weather live video of “Bone House” featuring the most stone-cold audience ever (well, except for the mandatory dr*nk guy in the front) at the Roxy in L.A.

Watching Alison Mosshart twitch and scroan (my new word for screech-moan) infront of an audience who don’t know where to put their hands reminds me of a lesson I learned once: If you’re gonna do it, do it for yourself.

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