Bazaar II OUT

Happy surprise today from AC’s Doha visit. She came baring Bidouns. Issue 21 is Out! READ IT BACK TO FRONT. SUBSCRIBE NOW! LEAP BRAY LOVE Much katsup, sprinkles, shower gel and tiny white tentacles c/o the Radboy. Also much writings by those such as Binyavanga Wainaina, Alexander Provan, Tima Ouzden, Gary Dauphin, Shumon Basar, Kaelin … Continue reading

Kanary in the Kan

Last night we wrapped shooting my first 10 minute short “Kanary”. I give you the below dispatches from the set blue toothed off my Nokia 7900. Note to selves: If you’re gonna shoot at High Noon in the Gulf in July… wear sunscreen. Please note my fearless DP perched inside the star of the show … Continue reading

‘BAD’ Paintmanship

Yesterday I went out a-looking with my colleague OVII who took some snippets of walls here in Doha dugouts in that area near the Jaida flyover. We happened upon the below humbly perfect graffiti: All Photo Courtesy Orlando Vicente II Esq. Baddest kids in the parking lot. To top the post off with a dripping … Continue reading

Roofs on Fire

I’ve been having apocalypse dreams lately. Cataracts flooded with dirty water full of death. City squares-cum-Guatamalan sink-holes. Lights that shine for no-one. All Photos Taken from Yesterday I awoke with a sweaty pillow and hummingbird-heart to read the National and what should be on it but a massive residential Sharjah blaze, barely-doused by the … Continue reading

Men in Makiaj

I think I first saw these images of Taliban dudes in romancal poses on Slate a few years back. Photographer Thomas Dworzak had found a stash of the beautifully bleached turbans and kohly bedroom eyes in a Kandahar portrait-lab in 2002. What rose-tinted gold in the rubble. What beautiful spoils in the dirt. Note The … Continue reading

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