Roofs on Fire

I’ve been having apocalypse dreams lately.
Cataracts flooded with dirty water full of death.
City squares-cum-Guatamalan sink-holes.
Lights that shine for no-one.

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Yesterday I awoke with a sweaty pillow and hummingbird-heart to read the National and what should be on it but a massive residential Sharjah blaze, barely-doused by the time they went to print.

Then a friend told me about her anxiety-visions of lion-attacks, masked-assailants and a dream of Doha ending in a sweep from end to end.

There’s just something in the air…
So to medicate the end-time-allergens making me sniffle and my eyes red I’m going to put some Goldfrapp drops in my eyes.
I hope it’ll help counteract the subconcious hoodoo in my frazzled post-millenial ball-drop mind.
Dear reader, I give you “Utopia”.

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