Major WTF

Visual Appetiser, please for to view: I found these in the Cave-of-Wonders that is FlickR today while trying to prompt access to my own buried Gulf-early-nineties memories. They were safely-stowed in a Set labeled simply Dhahran Desert Storm: Third Herd Airforce Saudi Arabia circa that L7 video (1993). Accidental MOnocLe! The trapper-keeper-swim-trunk Double-Dare color-palette of … Continue reading

X Ray @ Isbitar

My FJ Crashes, I listen to X Ray Spex.

Tila Al-Tequila

I’m interrupting the planned Ramadan transmission to share this bit of speculative sleuthing (because I enjoy bungi-jumping to conclusions). I got sucked down the drainpipe of Tila Tequila’s mob-nightmare story at an Insane Clown Posse fete in ILLinois on CNN, I (sheepish about admitting this) went to her website and trawled her blog. And I … Continue reading

A Very Vimto Ramadan

Kicking off el holy month this year with a juicy sblash and a migrated Blog. Tune in for a reprise of last year’s Ramadan TV Specials with NEW! Ramadan Limited Edition DOs & DON’Ts. Think of it as a VICE Alley-Grubbing Gutter-Jerk Mobile-Phone-Photography project…just as over-exposed, just as spiritually-uplifting, just slightly less cracked out. On … Continue reading

Daddy Bird

Some more photos from my “Kanary” shoot courtesy of the JLindbergK. Also, feature in The National on Doha Film Institute happenings. Ignore the snark – focus the highlight: photo of my pops and sister on this 3zba outside Muether. Dream-Sheriff + Bendari-Bird x Amazing location = Money Shots. You can read the article @ The … Continue reading

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