Tila Al-Tequila

I’m interrupting the planned Ramadan transmission to share this bit of speculative sleuthing (because I enjoy bungi-jumping to conclusions).

I got sucked down the drainpipe of Tila Tequila’s mob-nightmare story at an Insane Clown Posse fete in ILLinois on CNN, I (sheepish about admitting this) went to her website and trawled her blog.

And I found this: Miss Tila spotted with her new gift- a turquoise blue Lambo.

Suspiciously similar to one of these infamous fairouz colored Al-Thani clampers caught outside Harrod’s a few weeks ago.

I tried to find out more info on the subject, and yes. It was posted just a week after the Harrod’s incident (during which she happened to be in Londres).

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