Same-Same…But Different

I worry sometimes that I’m turning into other people.

Same Same

But Different

A couple months ago I received a message subjected ‘double walker’ from one HK claiming to have run into an uncanny Italian ‘me’ in Geneva.

Just a few days before that my friend MH informed me she had spotted another doppleganger of mine in a Leopard-print minidress in Stockholm.

Then when I replied my alarm at how all these shadow-me-s seemed to be having more fun than I was HK wrote back, “dopplegangers are surely there to remind us of something.”

But what!?

I’m existing more and more in this amnesiac zone where I can’t tell if I actually experienced something or just saw a picture of it or someone told me that I did it.

Like Jeremy Irons and Jeremy Irons in Dead Ringers.

Or like Laura Palmer and Maddy Ferguson in Twin Peaks.

Or like The Human Centipede (brace yourselves before clicking that link!).

I can’t tell where I end and the rest of you begin!

Then today I learned some new neologismz from Douglas Coupland’s “Dictionary of the Near Future“, some of which directly pertained to this mini-crisis.

There were some immediately useful entries such as “Ikeasis” and “Humanalia” but my favorite was the elegant simplicity of “Deselfing”.

DESELFING (v.) Willingly diluting one’s sense of self and ego by plastering the Internet with as much information as possible. (See also Omniscience Fatigue; Undeselfing)

So while I sit here, willfully leaking the viscosity out of my brain or whatever precious-bodily-fluid it is that makes me ‘me’ into this blog, this tweet, this HTTP Cookie.

I leave you with a song that sort-of but doesn’t at-all sum this whole confusing situation up.

2 Responses to “Same-Same…But Different”
  1. holly says:

    i took a photo of a sri lankan guy wearing a t-shirt that said “same same…but different” in sri lanka! hahaha

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