Kentucky Fried Bitchen

It’s hard not to hate her ’cause she’s beautiful.

Last week Northwestern University Qatar brought Roxana Saberi to speak at the well-equipped Hyatt Grand Ballroom.

All I want to say about Roxana and her Presentations #GoodnameforBand! is that it was most shameless about her new book, Between Two Worlds. It went something like this:

“If you want to know more, buy the book.”

“These were children of people addicted to drugs. They told me with tears in their eyes they didn’t want to be addicted to drugs but that due to their socio-economic standing they simply had no choice…but to do drugs.”

“This is a photo of me with some friends in Tehran eating Apple Pie.”

“If you like this glamour-shot of me there are more in the book…”

” Here is a beach. You can see these ladies here (all in Chador), just getting a little sunbathing done.” (Crowd chortle)

“No but seriously guys, I’ll be signing at Virgin Megastore.”

“So do you have fast food here? I heard you guys even have a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Qatar.”

On that last note Roxana, I’d just like to share this photo from Saudi Aramco circa 1978 in Doha. Oh. Oh. Hell yes.

Your frizzled fry of a frontal lobe is dosing the grease! Research before you land in a place trying to fleece.

N ote PS: This is not intended to belittle Saberi’s time in prison. It IS however meant to poke at bad thinkin’, Fox news anchor wannabees and the lack of self-awareness required to speak to a crowd of hundreds in a certain way.

Oh hey also. My favorite song about fried chickens. “Junior Spesh”

6 Responses to “Kentucky Fried Bitchen”
  1. holly says:

    you know, physical appearance aside, i’ve seen her being interviewed more than once and she comes across as a bit hokey and lame. i hope that’s not what made you think of me when you saw her!

  2. Hind Mezaina says:

    Why do things go awkwardly wrong for people like this? Worse thing is she’s probably clueless how clueless she’s appeared in front of her audience.

  3. Hello Sophia, In replay to your run-in with hoax author Jean Sasson, I left a comment under Sasson’s two misleading B.S. comments on your old blog. This shameless American female happens to be the 21st Centuries number 1 hoax author. Sasson lied, there is no Saudi Arabian Princess Sultana, there never was. Sasson simply invented her. People are on to her, so hopefully this fraudulent hoaxer will soon be exposd for who she really is.
    In the meantime:


    Monika Adsani

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