BIDOUN # 22 Library (almost) Out

This issue is linked up to the ongoing Library project Bidoun’s been travelling with including their recent big bang at the New Museum. I contributed zero to this issue however you WILL find the works of mad geniuses Babak Radboy and Michael C. Vazquez on such subjects as Saudi Aramco, OPEC and from what I can see, a fugue-like revel in the beauty of book-cover art.

The exciting thing about this issue is of course the covers, each of which are unique with different photographs from Cairo markets stuck on the cover.  This may seem familiar to you if you saw the Yale Architecture Schools’ #41 issue of Perspecta called “Grand Tour” which employed the same concept just with postcards.

All photos of this new issue of Bidoun have been stoled off as blogged by Andy. (My excuse: I’m a wilderness girl far from print and people and anyway I like the pine green backdrop) Go here to read that superior blog.

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