(the 10-minute short I’ve been fretting over for five months) is FINALLY nearing completion.

I had a few morose weeks recently when I was mere thumb-flicks away from taking a lighter to the hard-drive.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But things are looking up now towards the end.

The thing that got the roses up in my cheeks again was getting these pick-ups of my brother and cousin 3kising Najla in the passenger seat.  The AMAZING thing is that without being told to, my cousin mimed out the number (555-….) the traditional movie phone number.

There were also many ‘Window Licker‘ likenesses drawn. Thanks guys.

Heat stroke, cut-off-Abaya visors and a lot of extremely unsafe driving later, Kanary is coming soon to the internet in front of you!

Lastly, Masha’Allah! Hear the Canary Twitter @sophiaalmaria

4 Responses to “555”
  1. B.ad says:

    Saying hi as I fly by, loved… the fried-chicken guys; short film stills made me sigh.

  2. alex p says:

    Intrigued. Somehow this diamond ended up in my browser, for what it’s worth:

    How do I email you, Sophia?


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