Kitschy Kitschy Mecca Ya Ya

When I was in 8th grade my favorite accessory was a plastic and tin Ka’aba cuff.

There was something so mesmerizing in its cheap neon relical-exotica I wore it until it discolored my arm so badly it took a month for the green to go away.

I know there is a whole world of Mecca kitsch out there I have yet to plunder and I was reminded last month by a present my father gave me for Eid.

He called to say he’d hidden it where the kids wouldn’t find it and was on his way driving the long haul road back to Saudi.

ViewMaster Medina & Mecca 3D!

There’s something sad in it’s Wall-E eyes.

Something bittersweet in the limpness of it’s lever and the ruddiness of it’s red.

It was a most thoughtful souvenir.  Here are some choice  imagings from its slide-reels:

a sip

a stone

a swarm

a slide.

Oh the places I won’t go.

Lastly, do not miss this delightful video of the Drifting Mecca Marble Zamboni the infamous Haram Captor.

2 Responses to “Kitschy Kitschy Mecca Ya Ya”
  1. ajacub says:

    dude! I remember those.
    The BEST!

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