Obey Giantess

Last week I got a call saying the one and only W. Al-Saffar’s sweet face was going up at the Cultural Village Roundabout, I raced over to find a truck pulled up under her chin, tucking it in with huge squeegies dipped in some kind of wheat paste glue. Other than being a sign of things to come for W. it’s a sign for Doha Tribeca Film Festival which is landing in Doha with a vengeance next week. Wish us luck!

Thanks to one “Ghanima A. Al-obaidli” for the above photograph I ripped off FB.

PS Last night at dinner, my pops waited until the end of the meal to drop this line,

Baba: “…your uncles saw your video in Villagio…”

Me: “What video in Villagio?”

Baba: “For this Trobicana festival. Wella I haven’t seen it yet.  They said you are in some video waving your arms around.”

He flaps arms to show me.

I turn green, frantically filing through memory of what the hell the video might be of.

Me: “Whimper.”

There are down sides to this exposure.

Anyway, those three of you who do read this blog, let me know what films and panels you’re excited about this year.

I’ll be posting from events on my twitter so stay tuned. X

One Response to “Obey Giantess”
  1. lufarah says:

    My Perestroika- Machete-Hawi- The two Escobars- and Kanary, of course!

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