Spraying is Believing

Haven’t done a “Pirate Parfum” edition of the blog in a while so when I came across this trio of heaven-scent () fragrances I thought it might be time to get doused in some holy spritz. If only it were this easy. A timeless cipher opening with a flourish of cloud cotton,  rubbing down into … Continue reading

Arab Malaise for Days and Days

I don’t know about you but I’m prone to regular and shattering bouts of totally inexplicable ‘malaise’. Whether it’s specifically ‘Arab’ or not-*shrug*. Still, for the sake of this post let’s focus on the combo “Arab+Malaise” a phrasing synthesized by the late greatest Samir Kassir. I was recently introduced to his little golden book Being … Continue reading

3id Mubarak

Some families like lamb on their Eid al Adha, we like a little camel. I have to admit I blanched a little when I went into the kitchen this morning and found ‘S’  carving this large boney leg wrapped in plastic tarp. Upon closer inspection I ascertained it was a camel (a  baby-naga (girl-camel) leg … Continue reading

Whip My Sha3r Sha3r

A juxtaposition of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” and the pastiched Kawliya of Iraqi Video clips like “Al Burtuqala” and “Sha3r Sha3r”. Bonus clip from the brilliant DanceHabibi’s Youtube stream of VHS ‘Qawilya’. Somebody’s GOT to get us a standard transliteration system up in this Lu3’a!

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