A5eeRan! Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art Catalogues Have Arrived!

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art proceedings continue today at the AMCA INTERNATIONAL conference ¬†happening in our main space. ¬†Yes, we finally have a main space! Come to visit! The great D.C. taking her box to lunch. Meanwhile, in a little under 5 hours we were completely, utterly out of catalogues. I invite you to … Continue reading

Qatar Half Snickers with Gin and Tonic 1985

I’ll be straight with you: I am not a sporty spice. But the total slush-flow-avalanche of hateful retorts after the Qatar 2022 win of hosting rights to the FIFA World Cup on December 2nd miffed me. The argument has careened from issues of practicality to outright racism and is primarily due to the following three … Continue reading

Qatar 2022: Little Monsters & Silly String

A Slideshow of Doha Wilding-Out on the Corniche As I Type.

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